Another try!

Since 2013 is a new year… I thought I would give this blog thing another try! After discovering a few blogs recently they gave me some serious inspiration to try this thing out again. I’m starting small and hope to expand on my topics over time.

For those of you who know me, you know I “dabble” in several things such as photography, DIY projects, graphic design, interior design, thrifting, cooking, sports, etc.

For those of you who don’t know me… that’s a little taste of what you will see on here :)


Up first: My bathroom decor!

I purchased my first house in July 2011 and have been working very hard to make it a home. I quickly learned how long projects can take and how quickly money disappears! Over time I’ll give you a tour of the house (still lots of projects to do/finish so bare with me) but first I’ll start with a clearance sale I walked right into yesterday.

I was at Meijer (if you’re not from Michigan, it is a state-wide chain with groceries, home goods, electronics, toys, clothes, etc.) yesterday doing some grocery shopping. I can never resist walking through the clearance section(s) before I leave a store like that. I have found some amazing sales just browsing over the years!

To back up a little bit…. I’ve had 3 apocrathy jars on my bathroom shelves for months. I LOVE the way these jars look and they come in all shapes and sizes. It took a long time and many trips to HomeGoods to find the one’s that were perfect for me! You’ll learn that I am very picky…….

photo (7)_edited

It has taken me forever to find something to put in the jars. The first one (as you can see above) has bathroom-y type of things in it…q-tips, cotton pads and cotton balls.

photo (2)_edited2

The smallest one has antique/vintage buttons from my Grandma’s (who passed away over Christmas) button collection.

Side note: these buttons are an awesome memory of my Grandma, I used to play with her collection all the time when visiting. So happy I got the chance to look through them and take the one’s I wanted. They work perfectly in my bathroom!

photo (1)_edited

And the third jar has been empty for quite some time. I just couldn’t find something to put in there that worked. Until yesterday! On an endcap in Meijer I spotted these for only $1.50! I found out when I checked out that they were actually 50% off that prices so I got them for $.75!!!! DEALS LIKE THESE MAKE ME SOOOOO HAPPY! :)

photo (3)_edited

Here’s the finished shelves (for now!)!!!!!


photo (2)_edited

photo (9)_edited


What is the best clearance item you’ve ever snagged?!