Valentine’s gift

I’m back!! And cannot wait for SPRING!! The weather was beautiful and we had a great time. Then we came back to The Mitten state to a bunch of white stuff on the ground. And getting lots more as I type this. Makes me question why we live here?! But I know the minute the weather turns I will be in love with our 4 seasons all over again.

In the middle of packing for vacation I managed to make my 2 specials a little gift. And because they turned out so stinkin’ cute I wanted to share it with you :)

I had some candy chocolate in the cupboard, and since I know my specials well enough, I knew the perfect match was strawberries! I made a quick stop at JoAnn’s Fabrics for something to put them in, and since it was Valentine’s Day, I got Valentine’s Day themed boxes on sale more than usual. Score!



Aren’t they cute?!


First I cut 4 squares of waxed paper to fit inside the boxes, since I would have 2 layers of strawberries and I didn’t want the glitter on the lid to get in the yummy dessert. Next I scrounged up 16 cupcake wrappers to hold/separate the strawberries in the boxes.

After all the packaging prepping was finished I washed up the strawberries and dried them. The drying part is important because any drops of water in the chocolate will help to cool it down very quickly.

Then the fun part…. melting and dipping!

photo (1)

photo (2)

photo (3)


Don’t they look DELISH?!

photo (4)

photo (5)

After the chocolate hardened and cooled (I put them in the fridge for a bit) I was able to package them into the boxes. This too, was the fun part :) Here is the bottom layer…4 strawberries fit perfectly in each layer.

photo (6)

Here’s where the waxed paper came into play. I was worried about the strawberries above leaking into the bottom one’s. Nobody likes a soggy chocolate strawberry!

photo (7)


Then I added the top layer of heavenly goodness.

photo (10)

And the last piece of waxed paper to keep that glitter out of the heavenly goodness!

photo (11)

And the adorable boxes closed up and sealed with an “xoxo” ribbon I found in my ribbon collection.

photo (12)

photo (13)

How cute are they?!

photo (14)

My costs for this gift were $3 for a quart of strawberries and $2 for each box. I had the chocolate, cupcake wrappers, waxed paper and ribbon already. So in total it was a $3.50 gift for each that definitely look more expensive than that!

And I will tell you…. These were very well received and eaten too quickly!






If you don’t see anything up here for a while it’s because I am on vacation!
This is my first real vacation in about 10 years and I am very much looking forward to it :)




diet and thrift store find

Happy Saturday to you all! I follow several food/recipe blogs to help expand my gluten-free diet. I’ve been gluten-free for 3 years, 1 month and 27 days. It was so life changing that I remember the exact date I went GF! I have never felt better and feel very blessed to 1.) have an answer to my illness and, 2.) have come to peace with this life changing diet. I haven’t done much experimental cooking lately, but when I find a successful GF meal/recipe I will be sure to share!



A month or so ago I stopped by my favorite thrift store to donate a couple boxes of stuff, and of course take a look through the store! I never walk in there with expectations because when I do I tend to be let down. And I wasn’t going to even look through the furniture that day either. But…I couldn’t resist! I am so glad I did though because I found this GEM for my living room sitting in all it’s beauty for only $20! SCORE!

I quickly snagged it up. The only thing it needed was a little TLC on the right arm but it was nothing that a little sanding and wood glue couldn’t fix. I am so excited to get to work flipping it. It is going to get a total re-haul so it’s taken me some time to figure out exactly what I want to do. Meanwhile, it’s staying in my living room, staring at me, until I get it finished….

I’m going to paint and reupholster it so my first mission in this flip was finding fabrics that I liked… Struggle. Because I am So. Picky. I stopped browse fabrics yesterday and picked up a few samples. I actually think I found a winner! Betcha can’t guess which one……

If you guessed this one… You’re correct!


Whatcha up to this weekend??




A lot going on!

Ok, so I know this excuse has been used before but… I really do have a lot going on! And majority of it seems to involve paint…… This isn’t the most glamorous or exciting project but……the OCD in me has begun emptying the closets, one by one, and painting (finished pictures to come later, still lots of planning/organizing going on)! All of them white. Yes, I know. I have a problem. But, the first step is admitting it, right? :)

When I bought my house, the entire thing (ceilings included) was painted a FLAT (YUCK!!!!) buttery color. It was horrible looking and even more horrible to clean. Correction, you couldn’t clean it. It is amazing what a coat of paint can do to a space though!

Closet before paint (and ugly flat buttery paint!)

Closet before paint (and ugly flat buttery paint!) and sorry for the horribleeee picture, the light is not great!

During the first year of living here I repainted the entire house, ceilings included. In fact, I had most of my paint colors picked out, and some paint mixed, before I even closed on the house! That’s the interior designer in me :)

However, in that year-long process it never dawned on me to paint the inside of the closets! So here I am, painting them now. But it has given me an excuse to clean. them. out. The guest room closet was pretty easy seeing as it is basically empty with the exception of a couple gallons of paint on the floor. Then I moved right into my bedroom closets this past weekend. Which was a chore. But like I said earlier, I was able to do a little early “spring cleaning”.

Tonight I tore apart the coat closet at the front door. Since it’s just me in the house, and I surprisingly don’t have a ton of coats, this closet is used for a few other things too such as: a basket of winter hats, scarves, gloves, boots; a tote of albums; scrapbooks; picture boxes; empty frames (that I MUST find a home/use for!) and board games/cards. As we speak the contents of the closet are spread over my living room floor waiting for the paint to dry. And before I go to bed tonight it will be put back together. I hope.

Closet after paint!

Closet after paint!

Here’s a couple sneak peek pictures of the other things I’ve been working on, and what is still to come. I told ya I’ve been busy!



I know, I know. I’m mean for leaving it at that. But that’s all you get to see for now. I promise to show you the whole thing of each, and more, once they’re totally complete! Disclosure: I’m still learning this whole “staging” thing so it may take me a while before I’m happy with the photographs to put on here. I have to try and remember to keep up on the pictures as I make my way through each project too. Learning as I go and continuing to get inspiration from the many blogs that I follow :)



Hey there, February!

original source

original source

It’s hard to believe that it’s February 1, 2013 already! Man, 2013 is already going fast.

As we all know, this Sunday is the Super Bowl. For the most part I enjoy football (and am usually ready for the season to end!) but the hype of the Super Bowl is beyond me. I am not sure why or how this one game got as huge as it has. And when I hear about the money spent on this one day (parties, pre-game stuff, sponsors, commercials, etc.) my mouth tends to fall right open. Yes, the commercials are more creative, funny and eye-catching than normal, but are they really worth millions of dollars?! I just wish those millions would go to better things. How about a charity?

After my team(s) are out of the running for the Super Bowl I could really care less about who wins the championship. But, every year I feel obligated to pick a winning team. You can’t exactly watch a game and not root for anyone! So between the 49ers and the Ravens……. drum roll please (like my pick even matters, ha) ………. Go Ravens!!

I do not have any major plans, in fact I treat it like most Sunday’s. Relaxing, getting things done around the house and cooking a nice dinner with the TV on in the background. The only difference this Sunday is there might be a couple other people around when doing those things.


Do you have any annual traditions for the Super Bowl??