Hey there, February!

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original sourceĀ www.soularbliss.com

It’s hard to believe that it’s February 1, 2013 already! Man, 2013 is already going fast.

As we all know, this Sunday is the Super Bowl. For the most part I enjoy football (and am usually ready for the season to end!) but the hype of the Super Bowl is beyond me. I am not sure why or how this one game got as huge as it has. And when I hear about the money spent on this one day (parties, pre-game stuff, sponsors, commercials, etc.) my mouth tends to fall right open. Yes, the commercials are more creative, funny and eye-catching than normal, but are they really worth millions of dollars?! I just wish those millions would go to better things. How about a charity?

After my team(s) are out of the running for the Super Bowl I could really care less about who wins the championship. But, every year I feel obligated to pick a winning team. You can’t exactly watch a game and not root for anyone! So between the 49ers and the Ravens……. drum roll please (like my pick even matters, ha) ………. Go Ravens!!

I do not have any major plans, in fact I treat it like most Sunday’s. Relaxing, getting things done around the house and cooking a nice dinner with the TV on in the background. The only difference this Sunday is there might be a couple other people around when doing those things.


Do you have any annual traditions for the Super Bowl??





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