A lot going on!

Ok, so I know this excuse has been used before but… I really do have a lot going on! And majority of it seems to involve paint…… This isn’t the most glamorous or exciting project but……the OCD in me has begun emptying the closets, one by one, and painting (finished pictures to come later, still lots of planning/organizing going on)! All of them white. Yes, I know. I have a problem. But, the first step is admitting it, right? :)

When I bought my house, the entire thing (ceilings included) was painted a FLAT (YUCK!!!!) buttery color. It was horrible looking and even more horrible to clean. Correction, you couldn’t clean it. It is amazing what a coat of paint can do to a space though!

Closet before paint (and ugly flat buttery paint!)

Closet before paint (and ugly flat buttery paint!) and sorry for the horribleeee picture, the light is not great!

During the first year of living here I repainted the entire house, ceilings included. In fact, I had most of my paint colors picked out, and some paint mixed, before I even closed on the house! That’s the interior designer in me :)

However, in that year-long process it never dawned on me to paint the inside of the closets! So here I am, painting them now. But it has given me an excuse to clean. them. out. The guest room closet was pretty easy seeing as it is basically empty with the exception of a couple gallons of paint on the floor. Then I moved right into my bedroom closets this past weekend. Which was a chore. But like I said earlier, I was able to do a little early “spring cleaning”.

Tonight I tore apart the coat closet at the front door. Since it’s just me in the house, and I surprisingly don’t have a ton of coats, this closet is used for a few other things too such as: a basket of winter hats, scarves, gloves, boots; a tote of albums; scrapbooks; picture boxes; empty frames (that I MUST find a home/use for!) and board games/cards. As we speak the contents of the closet are spread over my living room floor waiting for the paint to dry. And before I go to bed tonight it will be put back together. I hope.

Closet after paint!

Closet after paint!

Here’s a couple sneak peek pictures of the other things I’ve been working on, and what is still to come. I told ya I’ve been busy!



I know, I know. I’m mean for leaving it at that. But that’s all you get to see for now. I promise to show you the whole thing of each, and more, once they’re totally complete! Disclosure: I’m still learning this whole “staging” thing so it may take me a while before I’m happy with the photographs to put on here. I have to try and remember to keep up on the pictures as I make my way through each project too. Learning as I go and continuing to get inspiration from the many blogs that I follow :)



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