Urban Farmgirl

I cannot get ENOUGH of Urban Farmgirl’s shop products  in Rockford, Illinois! So much so that I wanted to share them so you can RAVE over it too. Her shop is on my bucket list but I am afraid that if I visit once, I will want to go back every time the shop is open!!

Please take a look (and “like” her on Facebook too!!!)… Her style, eye and visual merchandising abilities are truly UH-MAYZING!





 Seriously?! I can see 10 things just from this picture that I want!




 Her shop is open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday’s twice a month. She re-merchandises her shop while “closed,” shops for new pieces and prepares them to sell. So every time she opens it’s like Christmas morning all over again!


Follow her on Facebook for future hours and more drool-worthy pictures of her shop!



Too much like Charlie Brown?

I can’t believe how fast a week goes when I get on here an realize I haven’t posted in that amount of time. Sorry, folks!

I hope you all had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! I spent mine with a couple of my favorites. We checked out a local flea market that is open year-round on weekends. It was our first visit, so we weren’t quite sure what to expect. Half of it had decent “stuff” and the other half was junk. But it was fun and I walked away with a couple goodies. Which I will share later! I’m looking forward to going back when the weather gets nicer, in hopes of seeing more furniture pieces and outdoor booths. After our afternoon of exploring the flea market we went and had some homemade corned beef and cabbage. Yum-O!

Do you have any St. Patrick’s Day traditions??

I make frequent stops at thrift stores in the area and spend way too many hours than I’d like to admit on Craig’s List looking for furniture steals. Sometimes I walk away empty handed, but I sometimes score really big! Remember the white and yellow sneak peek I gave you a while back? When I explained I really was working on several projects, just none of them were finished yet? Well…here it is!

I found this side table on Craig’s List for $20 and planned to put it next to the thrift store chair find I showed you a while back (that still isn’t complete :)).

living room table

I knew that the black paint finish wouldn’t work in my room so I pulled out the color samples and decided on an accent color for the room…


photo (1)_edited

And yellow it was….

photo (2

…..but I didn’t think a solid yellow was enough so….

photo (4)

photo (6)

photo (8)

photo (10)_edited

photo (11)_edited

So I added a chevron pattern to the top! I zig-zagged the tape across by eyeballing it, added some water to white paint I already had and lightly  brushed over the top of the table.

Besides the fact that it reminds me of Charlie Brown’s… I think it turned out pretty darned cute!

photo (21)_edited

photo (20)_edited

photo (19)_edited

photo (18)_edited

Have a great Monday!


more white….

I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday! I woke up to a blue sky, sun and a forecast of mid-40s today! I’m getting the spring itch. Bad. Ever since I went on vacation, in the 70 and 80 degree temperatures, I couldn’t wait to walk out of my house without a coat again!

Along with spring comes serious cleaning. I wouldn’t say I am full-force ahead with that yet, but I have done some organizing lately. None of which are finished yet…so you’ll have to wait on updates for those projects. I just like to tease!

You saw my bedroom earlier in the week and the awesome stencil on my ceiling. Which I am still totally in love with. Before that project came along I did a few other things that I wanted to share.

With most of my family living a good distance from me, I tend to take a lot of pictures of my latest projects…before and afters. It’s not really a DIY to share…it’s more of a “before and after” to show you the progress of my bedroom. I promise to have some step by step DIY projects, but as I am working on them, I’m showing a little of what I’ve been working on in the past year and a half.

I’ve had this black, what I call jewelry stand, for years. I got it for cheap I think when I was in high school and it has traveled from my bedroom at my parents, to college, to my home. However, the black just did not go with my “all white” theme of my bedroom! So I decided to do a simple white paint job on it.

While on one of my antique store visits I ran across this mirror, originally black as well, for only $10! Without any measurements, I grabbed it and took it home. Little did I know it fit between my two closets and above this jewelry stand perfectly! So along with the stand, it got a white paint job too.

I use Benjamin Moore paint to paint all of my furniture, and will never use anything else. The durability of this paint is like non other. It doesn’t leave a tacky feeling after it “dries” and it feels like the original surface of the furniture. Solid. Scratch-free. Chip-free. I also am not hard on my furniture so it keeps everything looking nice. And the secret to a nice smooth paint finish? A foam brush and roller to apply the paint! The surface comes out beautifully.

benjamin moore paint

My favorite part of updating something with drawer pulls/ knobs is to pick out new ones! This stand initially had the original knobs put back in until the new one’s came in the mail…from Kelly Kustom Kreations on Etsy of course! I seriously love that website!! It’s also funny how the knobs can cost just as much, if not more, than the piece and the paint combined! Oh well, they add so much to the piece.

Without further ado….

1 photo (5)

2 photo (6)

3 photo (7)

4 photo (8)

5 photo (9)

6 photo (10)

7 photo 4

8 photo 3

9 photo

10 photo 2

Aren’t the knobs cute?? I love the shabby chic feel of them. They’re not over-poweringly (is that a word?!) shabby chic, which is what I go for in my space(s).

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


rollers, paint, and stencils, oh my!

I told you I had projects going on…and here’s the proof! My master bedroom has been coming along, slowly, over the last year and a half, and the latest project has started to really put the room over the top.

I am ecstatic about how project this turned out!

This was my bedroom about 4 weeks ago (sorry for the horrible photo quality through this whole post, I do not get enough direct natural light in my house!)…

4 photo (17)_edited

3 photo (14)_edited

2 photo (16)_edited

1 photo (15)_edited

Please ignore the ugly “boob light” on the ceiling. That is soon to be replaced!

Thanks to Pinterest I was inspired with paint and stencils as part of the decor for my house. As an interior designer, I rarely make any quick design decisions for my own house. But it is so easy to make quick decisions for clients!

I think about it. Sometimes for several months. Before I make any purchases or changes. That’s the indecisive and OCD in me :-)

This project is one that I had been thinking about for a couple months.

I finally decided on a stencil (purchased from Cutting Edge Stencils on Etsy!) and himmed and hawed about how I wanted it to look.

And wouldn’t you have it…the paint color on the walls in my home office worked perfect for this project. So not only did I have an easy paint decision, I didn’t have to get any paint mixed for this project! Score!

These stencils are great quality (this is my 2nd stencil purchase from CES) and make it easy to find the repeat on your surface. This stencil has a lot going on so it did take me a little longer to get in the rhythm but, again, I am over the moon with how it turned out!!

I am showing you my step by step progress. The instructions are pretty self-explainatory.

Tape. Paint. Move. Tape. Paint. Move. Repeat. A lot.

And let me tell you. This project was HARD on the neck and arms (and extremely frustrating at times)! And only took me two and a half weeks to complete… ;-)

Please enjoy my hard work!!

5 photo (25)_edited

6 photo (1)

7 photo (2)

9 photo (5)

10 photo (6)

11 photo (7)

12 photo (8)

13 photo (9)

14 photo (10)

15 photo (12)

16 photo (13)

17 photo (17)

18 photo (18)

19 photo (19)

20 photo (20)

21 photo (22)

22 photo (23)

23 photo (24)

24 photo (25)

25 photo (26)

26 photo (27)

27 photo (28)

28 photo (29)

29 photo (30)

30 photo (31)

Whatcha think!?!

Envision a couple more things in the room if you can: white curtains (as soon as I can find a white curtain rod…why are all of them an off-white?! I might have to DIY my own!), crown molding, and a ceiling medallion with a chandelier to replace that “boob light”!

I cannot wait to get that list completed and to finally have one room in the house finished!