rollers, paint, and stencils, oh my!

I told you I had projects going on…and here’s the proof! My master bedroom has been coming along, slowly, over the last year and a half, and the latest project has started to really put the room over the top.

I am ecstatic about how project this turned out!

This was my bedroom about 4 weeks ago (sorry for the horrible photo quality through this whole post, I do not get enough direct natural light in my house!)…

4 photo (17)_edited

3 photo (14)_edited

2 photo (16)_edited

1 photo (15)_edited

Please ignore the ugly “boob light” on the ceiling. That is soon to be replaced!

Thanks to Pinterest I was inspired with paint and stencils as part of the decor for my house. As an interior designer, I rarely make any quick design decisions for my own house. But it is so easy to make quick decisions for clients!

I think about it. Sometimes for several months. Before I make any purchases or changes. That’s the indecisive and OCD in me :-)

This project is one that I had been thinking about for a couple months.

I finally decided on a stencil (purchased from Cutting Edge Stencils on Etsy!) and himmed and hawed about how I wanted it to look.

And wouldn’t you have it…the paint color on the walls in my home office worked perfect for this project. So not only did I have an easy paint decision, I didn’t have to get any paint mixed for this project! Score!

These stencils are great quality (this is my 2nd stencil purchase from CES) and make it easy to find the repeat on your surface. This stencil has a lot going on so it did take me a little longer to get in the rhythm but, again, I am over the moon with how it turned out!!

I am showing you my step by step progress. The instructions are pretty self-explainatory.

Tape. Paint. Move. Tape. Paint. Move. Repeat. A lot.

And let me tell you. This project was HARD on the neck and arms (and extremely frustrating at times)! And only took me two and a half weeks to complete… ;-)

Please enjoy my hard work!!

5 photo (25)_edited

6 photo (1)

7 photo (2)

9 photo (5)

10 photo (6)

11 photo (7)

12 photo (8)

13 photo (9)

14 photo (10)

15 photo (12)

16 photo (13)

17 photo (17)

18 photo (18)

19 photo (19)

20 photo (20)

21 photo (22)

22 photo (23)

23 photo (24)

24 photo (25)

25 photo (26)

26 photo (27)

27 photo (28)

28 photo (29)

29 photo (30)

30 photo (31)

Whatcha think!?!

Envision a couple more things in the room if you can: white curtains (as soon as I can find a white curtain rod…why are all of them an off-white?! I might have to DIY my own!), crown molding, and a ceiling medallion with a chandelier to replace that “boob light”!

I cannot wait to get that list completed and to finally have one room in the house finished!



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