more white….

I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday! I woke up to a blue sky, sun and a forecast of mid-40s today! I’m getting the spring itch. Bad. Ever since I went on vacation, in the 70 and 80 degree temperatures, I couldn’t wait to walk out of my house without a coat again!

Along with spring comes serious cleaning. I wouldn’t say I am full-force ahead with that yet, but I have done some organizing lately. None of which are finished yet…so you’ll have to wait on updates for those projects. I just like to tease!

You saw my bedroom earlier in the week and the awesome stencil on my ceiling. Which I am still totally in love with. Before that project came along I did a few other things that I wanted to share.

With most of my family living a good distance from me, I tend to take a lot of pictures of my latest projects…before and afters. It’s not really a DIY to share…it’s more of a “before and after” to show you the progress of my bedroom. I promise to have some step by step DIY projects, but as I am working on them, I’m showing a little of what I’ve been working on in the past year and a half.

I’ve had this black, what I call jewelry stand, for years. I got it for cheap I think when I was in high school and it has traveled from my bedroom at my parents, to college, to my home. However, the black just did not go with my “all white” theme of my bedroom! So I decided to do a simple white paint job on it.

While on one of my antique store visits I ran across this mirror, originally black as well, for only $10! Without any measurements, I grabbed it and took it home. Little did I know it fit between my two closets and above this jewelry stand perfectly! So along with the stand, it got a white paint job too.

I use Benjamin Moore paint to paint all of my furniture, and will never use anything else. The durability of this paint is like non other. It doesn’t leave a tacky feeling after it “dries” and it feels like the original surface of the furniture. Solid. Scratch-free. Chip-free. I also am not hard on my furniture so it keeps everything looking nice. And the secret to a nice smooth paint finish? A foam brush and roller to apply the paint! The surface comes out beautifully.

benjamin moore paint

My favorite part of updating something with drawer pulls/ knobs is to pick out new ones! This stand initially had the original knobs put back in until the new one’s came in the mail…from Kelly Kustom Kreations on Etsy of course! I seriously love that website!! It’s also funny how the knobs can cost just as much, if not more, than the piece and the paint combined! Oh well, they add so much to the piece.

Without further ado….

1 photo (5)

2 photo (6)

3 photo (7)

4 photo (8)

5 photo (9)

6 photo (10)

7 photo 4

8 photo 3

9 photo

10 photo 2

Aren’t the knobs cute?? I love the shabby chic feel of them. They’re not over-poweringly (is that a word?!) shabby chic, which is what I go for in my space(s).

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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