Urban Farmgirl

I cannot get ENOUGH of Urban Farmgirl’s shop products  in Rockford, Illinois! So much so that I wanted to share them so you can RAVE over it too. Her shop is on my bucket list but I am afraid that if I visit once, I will want to go back every time the shop is open!!

Please take a look (and “like” her on Facebook too!!!)… Her style, eye and visual merchandising abilities are truly UH-MAYZING!





 Seriously?! I can see 10 things just from this picture that I want!




 Her shop is open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday’s twice a month. She re-merchandises her shop while “closed,” shops for new pieces and prepares them to sell. So every time she opens it’s like Christmas morning all over again!


Follow her on Facebook for future hours and more drool-worthy pictures of her shop!



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