Life Decisions

I know I’ve said this before but… Time flies with this blogging thing! I’ve had a lot going on lately and some big news to share!

First off, I took a new job and am in my second week!

And second, I’ve been accepted into a Masters program!

I start my Master of Science in Communication with a dual concentration in Integrated Marketing Communication and Public Relations on May 20, 2013 with Lasell College in Newton, Massachusetts!


I am really excited!

The job I accepted is part time, so I can go to school full time, to get through the degree program as quickly as possible and get back in the work force even quicker! Since the Masters program I am in is all online, I will be spending a lot of time at home. Which makes me a little nervous that I’ll go stir-crazy, but the thought of sitting in class 4-5 days a week made me sick to my stomach. I knew the best option for me was to find a program that fit ME and had to be online, for flexibility of life and working.

The program has six 7-week sessions per year so I will be staying PLENTY busy! The first class I’m taking is called Crisis Communication. I assume it’s exactly as the title states. But I will find out soon! That class will be followed by two classes to complete in 7 weeks. Wish me luck!

I honestly never thought I would go back to school. But because, career-wise, I have felt in a “rut” since my bachelors degree is basically useless (a sad topic for a different day), I believe a Masters degree will open up additional opportunities for myself to advance in a career I will enjoy.

My jobs up to this point have just been a temporary stepping stone, and I don’t want to keep doing that. I’d like a job that I enjoy going to, that challenges and stimulates me, and a place I can grow and advance in for years to come. Something stable, so I can provide for my future family.

So that’s a little of what I’ve been up to…and why I haven’t been on here with projects! I really do have projects going on. But the budget cuts have slowed them down tremendously. I will do my best to keep updating with new and fun ideas :)

I will be attending my first big flea market in a couple weeks and hope to have lots to share with you after that!

Have a great Thursday!



oh, so….uninspired!

Oh, hey, April! Don’t you usually bring “showers” instead of snow????

I think this never ending winter has taken a toll on my desire to do anything around the house these last couple weeks. Despite the fact that I’ve been busier than normal lately, I am so anxious for the weather to finally turn into SPRING! However, I had a wonderful Easter weekend. Lots of food, laughs and sunshine! How was your holiday?

A few of my plants have sprouted…so I know spring isn’t too far away. And as long as the squirrels (Does anyone else have problems with these rodents?! The only think I’ve found to help is cayenne pepper sprinkled on the ground. But I’ve gone through a TON of it!) didn’t dig up every bulb I planted in my new landscaping last year, I should have some impressive growth this year.

I cannot wait to get outside and play in the dirt! And I know it will inspire me to dive into more house projects.  Here’s a little before and after of my house. Pretty drastic changes have been made, mostly with plants and flowers, and I’m really proud of all the work I did last year! I cannot wait to see it all come up again this year.

photo (1)

Hurry up spring!