oh, so….uninspired!

Oh, hey, April! Don’t you usually bring “showers” instead of snow????

I think this never ending winter has taken a toll on my desire to do anything around the house these last couple weeks. Despite the fact that I’ve been busier than normal lately, I am so anxious for the weather to finally turn into SPRING! However, I had a wonderful Easter weekend. Lots of food, laughs and sunshine! How was your holiday?

A few of my plants have sprouted…so I know spring isn’t too far away. And as long as the squirrels (Does anyone else have problems with these rodents?! The only think I’ve found to help is cayenne pepper sprinkled on the ground. But I’ve gone through a TON of it!) didn’t dig up every bulb I planted in my new landscaping last year, I should have some impressive growth this year.

I cannot wait to get outside and play in the dirt! And I know it will inspire me to dive into more house projects.  Here’s a little before and after of my house. Pretty drastic changes have been made, mostly with plants and flowers, and I’m really proud of all the work I did last year! I cannot wait to see it all come up again this year.

photo (1)

Hurry up spring!


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