Life Decisions

I know I’ve said this before but… Time flies with this blogging thing! I’ve had a lot going on lately and some big news to share!

First off, I took a new job and am in my second week!

And second, I’ve been accepted into a Masters program!

I start my Master of Science in Communication with a dual concentration in Integrated Marketing Communication and Public Relations on May 20, 2013 with Lasell College in Newton, Massachusetts!


I am really excited!

The job I accepted is part time, so I can go to school full time, to get through the degree program as quickly as possible and get back in the work force even quicker! Since the Masters program I am in is all online, I will be spending a lot of time at home. Which makes me a little nervous that I’ll go stir-crazy, but the thought of sitting in class 4-5 days a week made me sick to my stomach. I knew the best option for me was to find a program that fit ME and had to be online, for flexibility of life and working.

The program has six 7-week sessions per year so I will be staying PLENTY busy! The first class I’m taking is called Crisis Communication. I assume it’s exactly as the title states. But I will find out soon! That class will be followed by two classes to complete in 7 weeks. Wish me luck!

I honestly never thought I would go back to school. But because, career-wise, I have felt in a “rut” since my bachelors degree is basically useless (a sad topic for a different day), I believe a Masters degree will open up additional opportunities for myself to advance in a career I will enjoy.

My jobs up to this point have just been a temporary stepping stone, and I don’t want to keep doing that. I’d like a job that I enjoy going to, that challenges and stimulates me, and a place I can grow and advance in for years to come. Something stable, so I can provide for my future family.

So that’s a little of what I’ve been up to…and why I haven’t been on here with projects! I really do have projects going on. But the budget cuts have slowed them down tremendously. I will do my best to keep updating with new and fun ideas :)

I will be attending my first big flea market in a couple weeks and hope to have lots to share with you after that!

Have a great Thursday!



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