happy dad day

much love going out to my daddy-o today. he’s the best.

yesterday i had my first kind of freak out moment with my house. i lost all hot water.

growing up with my parents owning a hardware store i had a feeling i knew what was wrong. but lets be honest. i didn’t.

so what did i do?

called dad.

it’s only a two year old water heater so i was really hoping it wasn’t anything serious. luckily it was what i expected…the pilot went out.

i’ve had the windows open to let the awesome breeze we’ve had come through the house. and i think along the way it blew out the pilot.

after sending some pictures and talking on the phone twice, i (we) got it figured out. praise the lord!

and next time i won’t have to make that phone call because i am now a pro at lighting the pilot (thanks to the directions right on the water heater ha).

so here’s to you dad!

dad timeline

love you!


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