remember this?

remember these pictures from back in the day?

photo 10

the thrift store find…$20 chair for my living room??

fabric choices for the reupholstery?? (looking back on some of these….yikes, what was i thinking?!)

and the final decision:

the time finally came for me to either buy the fabric and hire someone to reupholster for me. OR, attempt a diy.

i got some quotes for a couple local businesses to reupholster. they wanted over $150 just to do this chair! i couldn’t believe it.

so guess what i did….. the diy option!

i went back to joann fabrics to get the fabric cut (does every joann’s have a ridiculously long line to get fabric cut?! it almost makes me not want to go back.) i couldn’t find the fabric anywhere. i as devastated. i asked for help. she didn’t know. she asked me if i had the numbers. nope, all i had was the little 2″x2″ fabric sample and this picture. awesome.

i went home empty handed. so so sad. after looking online at some other websites for a new fabric, it dawned on me that maybe joann’s has it online. i was in LUCK. i found it and ordered a yard immediately. if it wasn’t in the store anymore i wanted to be sure i got some before it was discontinued.

this process was painful. i’m not going to lie. i took the chair apart and painted. layers and layers of paint. all the detail in the chair required extra attention.

but i have to admit, between the primer and paint that i use, it covers so well and leaves an awesome hard finish when done. so i know taking the time to finish that part right was important.

i had a vision when i was looking for fabric. i wasn’t sure if my vision would actually come through after i started. even with my design background i was not able to visualize what it was going to look like.

but i couldn’t be more happy with the perfectly imperfect chair i finished all on my own!!!

enough with the suspense already?!

photo 13

photo 15

photo 25

photo 31

photo 32

photo 33

photo 34

photo 41

photo 43

photo 44

photo 45

photo 51

photo 53

photo 55

and finally a side by side before and after. in LOVE with the transformation :)

before&afterthis was a very intimidating project. and i am very, very proud of the outcome. i hope you enjoy look at that beauty as much as i do :)

Have you ever tackled a DIY project you felt was way out of your league???



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