Hello, Tuesday update!


Professionally things have slowed down a bit since I started my Master’s degree full time, working part time and got a puppy! But all is well over here and I couldn’t be happier :)

I just finished session one of the fall semester of my Masters degree putting me 1.5 semesters into this chapter. So far I have managed all A’s, which I am very proud of! I am anxiously awaiting my final grade of my class that just ended last night. I have registered for two classes next session, which is a ton of work. But in order to dual concentrate and finish in two years or less, I have to double up on classes in a few sessions. The sessions are only 7 weeks long so it is accelerated with a ton of reading!

Work is going good. No real news to report there…

Lulu is thriving. She is such a HAM (tugging on my toes wanting to play as I type this!). The German Shepherd in her keeps her very active and needy. Her and I have our moments, but overall she has been a wonderful addition to my family. She is just starting to figure out that I am NOT a morning person and has actually stayed quiet the last couple weeks on days I don’t have to be up early. Including today. I’m feeling more rested. She is just like having a baby so I am getting a good glimpse at that.

Hello, Tuesday is still plugging away, despite the slow down! Thanks to one of my dear friends I just got a small wedding program project last week that I will be working on this week and next. Looking forward to doing some designing!

This weekend will bring some autumn fun…pumpkin patch, haunted hayrides, cider and donuts. I can’t wait!

Meanwhile I will leave you with a few pictures to SHOW you what I’ve been up to! :)



photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)




photo 4 (1) edited2





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